At UWC Maastricht we believe our students and staff are the primary actors of a re-imagined education, which fosters multicultural and international understanding, celebrates differences, develops critical thinking and promotes peace and sustainability.

United World College Maastricht


Our students are given opportunities, according to their age, throughout their time at UWC Maastricht to develop their self-initiative and reach out to the community. They are involved in service, organize awareness raising campaigns and student-led conferences. They are also engaged in Project Weeks in Maastricht or abroad. The opportunity to present and debate about their own cultures and global issues is at the core of all of these projects and activities. Many programmes are being introduced into our school, both in Secondary and Primary, to ensure that we make a positive IMPACT. There is not a general agreement on what impact really means or how it can be measured. For us at UWC Maastricht, it’s about achieving the aims of a planned action, assessing the risks involved for all the parts and always-always evaluating the results to inform improvement next time around.

This website, news section and blogs try to bring to the public light much of what we do at UWC Maastricht to intentionally ensure a positive impact in the context of Maastricht, its population but also the home communities of our students. This is so in addition to the academic programme, tutorial system and service programme that are already in place to support and encourage our students in pursuing their various goals.


STILL 10 FULL SCHOLARSHIPS! Exciting news from UWC Changshu China and UMotion, a highly respected international summer camp organization, is running a summer camp at the campus in Changshu.  More information: http://www.ideas-camp.com/

Networking 101: International Youth Networking Academy for talented and engaged current high school students and high school graduates from around the world. It’s a great opportunity for current UWCers who want to share their UWC spirit and enthusiasm with the real world. More information: https://internationalyouthacademy.wordpress.com/

Global Public Service Academies (GPSA) for Health is an academic service learning program for high school students, and works in educational collaboration with Duke University. Participants at our program provide hands-on health care in rural communities in Guatemala and Belize. Students and school staff can watch our 2016 Program Guides here: GPSA Program Guide for students More information: http://www.gpsa.org/


Zayed Future Energy Prize - apply with your school/college for the Zayed Future Energy Prize, the submissions process is relatively straightforward and the winner’s prize is significant – USD 100,000. Waterford Kahmlaba UWC won this award in 2014 and was granted the top prize for schools on the African continent.  UWC Mahindra entered the competition in 2015 and was selected as one of 14 high school finalists from across the world.

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Atlantic School for Young Leaders (ASfYL) - a 10-day, leadership development course at Atlantic College in South Wales for able young people aged 16-18, between 15th and 24th July 2016. Since ASfYL is a charity, scholarships may be available. A link to our website is http://asfyl.org


Students On Ice (SOI) is an award-winning organization offering educational expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. The goal is to provide students with a hands-on, transformative experience in one of the most fascinating and rapidly evolving places in the world - an experience that will stay with them and inspire new perspectives, goals and ambitions. Scholarships available. http://studentsonice.com